Dance Classes

"Simi Dance Center is proud to offer dance classes for jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, hip hop and lyrical dancers."

An extremely important and historical form of dance. Enhances coordination, increases flexibility, develops proper body placement and strengthens/conditions muscle development. Ballet also introduces and facilitates proper technique, which is used in almost all styles of dance.

Jazz & Technique
A fun, energetic style of dance with a technique base from ballet. Jazz classes are the ultimate combination of technique and style. These classes are upbeat, fun, and full of energy.

Lyrical Classes
Lyrical is a soulful style of dance that combines both Jazz and Ballet technique through the expression of musical lyrics.

Musical Theatre
Jazz choreography with acting and character work.

A ballet based technical style of dance with a more modern styling. May also have influences from jazz and hip hop technique.

Short for acrobatics, this style focuses on strength building, flexibility and basic floor routine tricks incorporated within dance routines.

Tap is a fun and classic style of dance in which rhythms and sounds are physically tapped out through the feet. This class explores rhythm, enhances musicality and refines memory retention.

Hip Hop
Hip hop derives from the "street." This style is seen mostly in music videos and urban musical performances on tour and/or on television. This class focuses on the combination of style, musicality, and rhythm.

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